This project aims to understand all phases of a 3D animation production. The title of the project is "A Trap", and serves as a motto / theme for the development of the project. 
The project comprises the production of an animation mini-short, lasting 5 to 10 seconds.
My purpose with this project is to create an already existing trap "The Flogger" 
from Call Of Duty : World at War and aim to simulate/recreate the interaction 
between zombie and trap. 
In this case the narrative of the animation is something very simple: The zombie is attracted to the human brain and proceeds to run for it. Before realizing it "The Flogger" starts working and therefore kills the zombie in the process.
This Project was made for academic purposes, and it was 
made for: Animação 3D
Supervisor Teacher : Alexandre Jacinto
Escola Superior de Artes e Design
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