The Land of Nothing is a tale written by Carolina do Lago about the friendship between a businessman and a small explorer of nature and spirituality.

Theodore is a businessman. At dawn, he leaves home, without telling his wife. Already in the car towards the destination, a call from the woman who questions the reason for her absence. This one
it does not reveal the reason, but it will make a lot of money. On the way, Teodoro has to cross a long forest. Coincidentally, she almost runs over a small entomologist when this one tries to rescue a beetle in the middle of the road. With this, Teodoro feels obliged to guide the child to his parents. O
Boy lives alone on a sacred hill built by his father in the middle of the forest. In this magical, spiritual and colorful place, child kept his precious collection of insects under the each person who had crossed and lit the course. At the end, after receiving an amber necklace with an insect inside, back to the car and decides to reverse the direction of travel thus changing its destiny.
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