A conservative elderly couple, after being evicted from their home
village to be built a new hotel, moves to a house in the center
of the city. Old Edgar, a farmer, displeased with the change in
residence, he spends his days whining about his narrow yard. One day,
Edgar discovers that a vinyl record mysteriously broke his vases
from the garden and try to understand why.

“The Golden Record” is a science fiction made for the context of
Webserie. The series has as main character Edgar, a grumpy old man
religious, fruit of the relationship with the woman Alma. Alma, you have always been a devout woman the religion. Like Edgar, Alma became bitter with age, however, there are still
traces a certain creativity and unpredictability in Edgar, reason of his passion
at the beginning of each person’s life. Changes for people of such glory are
taken with great disgust. These people are stuck in their time and in their
beliefs as octogenarian minds. Edgar resists a change that is coming
reveal a breath of fresh air for him, a challenge that provokes him like when
it was new. The plot develops with the appearance of an unlikely object
in the couple's backyard and in the search for a meaning for that as for the relationships of
a 21st century family.

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