Within the scope of the Photography Practice course, 2nd year of the Sound and Music
Image, taught by professor Sónia Neves, it was proposed to students the elaboration of a
final project that consisted of the creation of a publication, composed of a series at least
of 16 photographs in which the theme would be “Photography is Magic”.
Within the scope of this chair, we were also offered a graphic diary (notebook of
sketches) during the semester, with our photographic inspirations or not, for the purpose
to find a stylistic pattern and to discover new authors that fit with
the artistic current of each one.
In fact, this was one of the chairs that I consider to have had the most evolution and also
interest on my part, since photography is one of the areas with which I identify.
Having this extra motivation, because it is related to my future area, my goals
were built based on the improvement of technical knowledge that I already had around
of photography and still unraveling my own style through later experiences.
My main objective, in addition to those previously mentioned, was based on the
development of projects that were not only successful at the academic level, but also
also projects that I could be proud of and exhibit the best in my portfolio.
Finally, this specification aims to respond to the elaboration of the creative process of this
last project, entitled HOURGLASS, the “link” between my influences and the
intended theme, the practical process of the photo session and the graphic elaboration of the
physical publication. As a last topic, a conclusion of the entire course unit and the
performance and also personal.

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