Daft Punky World
This short animation was made for an academic curse in which we were asked to create  something that we like in an animation format that we felt comfortable.
I have chose the 3D ANIMATION because aesthetically was the one that I prefer for this theme.

WHY DAFT PUNK ? The reason why is have chose this electronic duo was my childhood. Since I has a kid I use to hear there songs and they were for me the artists that push me into the electronic music.
This animation is a travel into the spacial and robotic mind of these artists complemented with there own music exploring the old school style of there origins and the new generation on technology.
The Final Project
Visual Studys
This Project was made for: Tecnologias e Multimedia
Supervisor Teacher: Ricardo Megre
Universidade Católica do Porto- Lic. Som e Imagem

Thank you for watching 👍🏽
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