Bear Saving is a game developed and design by Carolina do Lago in the scope of a university work for Computer Languages in 2018.
Theme: Ecology and Multicultural
Original song by Rafael Serralheiro

Program used: Processing
Design: Photoshop
This game has 3 types of characters: a bear, rock painting of 1 bear, painting of several hunters. The game is the point of view of the bear that we only see one leg. The background is rock painting on a rock. The drawings of both painted bears and hunters are interactive. The painted bear is unprotected and the hunters try to catch him by entering inside his circle. The objective of the game is to eliminate the hunters. To eliminate the hunters, the player presses the mouse on the hunters who appear randomly approaching the painted bear. Play mouse is the bear paw.

At the moment it is not possible to download the game, if you want, to contact via e-mail.
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