Carolina do Lago was born in 2000 in Oporto, is an aspiring artist. Her interests are: Cinema Studies, Movie Directing, Scriptwriting, Film criticism, Digital Photography and Analog Photography.
Photoshop         |         Lightroom         |         Affinity         |         Final Cut Pro              
Adobe Premiere Pro         |         After Effects       |         Pro Create       |       
SketchUp         |         Pro Tools         |         HTML         |         Processing         |         Final Draft
09.2019 - 08.2020 | Director and scriptwriter in the short film "TARTARE"
                                  Currently, directing the production of the short film TARTARE, a project under the Sound and Image course.

02.2020 - 03.2020 | Production Assistant in the feature film "PATHOS"
                                  Production assistant in the feature film "Pathos" directed by Vasco Araujo.

09.2019  | Member at ​​​​​​​ - "12th SCREENWRITING RESEARCH NETWORK CONFERENCE"
                                  Participation in the 12th Screenwriting Research Network (SRN) International Conference “Screen Narratives: Order and Chaos”, as “STAFF MEMBER”, which took place at Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto.

05.2019  | Chanel ® ​​​​​​​ - Short Film Production
                                  Collaboration in a project of a group of business students for the Chanel® brand. Making a short film for explanatory purposes based on Chanel's product model.

11.2019 - 07.2019 | Volunteer at "Gente Animosa"
                                  Invited by a Catholic University professor as animator, video editor, theater light design for a senior university project.

09.2018 - 07.2021  | Scholarship by the Portuguese Catholic University
                                   Awarded a 100% Scholarship in the first year of the Sound and Image course of the Portuguese Catholic University.
03.2018 - 04.2018 | Elected to represent Portugal in the ERASMUS +
                                   Selected to represent Portugal at the meeting in Plasencia, Spain for a week.

11.2017 - 05.2018 | Cinema Club
                                 Creation of a cinema club with the aim of showing a kind of unconventional and commercial cinema.

09.2017 - 05.2018 | Graphic design
                                  Design of posters and materials for events.

09.2017 - 06.2018 | Member of the Student Association
                                   Representative of the Visual Arts course (coordinator).

11.2017 - 11.2017 | Realization and participation in a Festival
                               Writing, production, production of a short film under the project 7/1 short films.

11.2017 - 11.2017 | Workshop Tie-dye
                              Creation of a workshop that involved painting techniques in textiles.
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